Monday, July 26, 2010

Boston South End Artists celebrate First Fridays

Clarendon Square Inn - a B&B in Boston MA

Clarendon Square in proud to support local boston artists.  When on a romatic getaway at boston's b&b we recommend visiting the south end artists in their studios.  The first friday of each month month artist are pleasted to welcome neighbors to their studios. This is a great opportunity to learn about the various mediums artists are using today.  First fridays is also a time to meet new people, socialize with neighbors and support the south end community.

Charles Tersolo is a notable member of the South End artist community at 450 Harrision avenue.  His work is also featured in Clarendon Square.  Charles gives a wonderful perspective of the boston's cityscape and landscape through his use of oil paints.  He is exparienced at painting in outdoor elements in order to capture the true architecture of the city. His work can be found in many of the public rooms at boston boutique b&b.  Charles has travled all over the world painting and also does portraits and accepts commisioned work. 

Isabelle Abramson is a self taught artist in boston's south end community.  She uses gold, silver, platium, and porcielin to make bowls and vases that emphasis positive and negative space. We at Clarendon Square share Isabelle's aesthetic and balance of form and function.

Here at boston's boutique b&b we believe luxury and elegance is ehanced by the work of fine artists.  We are lucky to be located in boston south end where we are happy to support the community and local artist.   

Thursday, July 22, 2010

luxury boston bed and breakfast let's "you snooze in style" alternative to boston boutique hotel

Recently the Travel Channel featured Clarendon Square Boston Bed and Breakfast in a review of Luxurious bed and breakfast in Massachusetts and the US. Travel Channel examined several b&b s as alternatives to boutique hotels like you would find if you were looking for a back bay hotel in Boston. The criteria for this article included elegant style, gourmet food & impeccable service & at Clarendon Square you can be assured be will not skimp on any of the above.
Elegant Style is seen throughout the boston bed and breakfast. Many of the decor, furnishings & homes accents come from around the world, but that does not mean you will not find a select items from our locale. With so many fabulous shops in Boston you may be able to pick up a few elegant things to bring home from your Boston vacation. Boston shopping is one of our favorites things to do in Boston, especially in the South End. We have created a custom shopping guide to make it that much easier for you to access some fabulous items. Our favorites include Lekker which offers modern home accents that are sleek, stylish & sophisticated.

Gourmet food comes in the form of breakfast, well at our boston boutique hotel anyway. Expect delicious treats, both healthy & others that are worth an occasional splurge. Nutella is the perfect companion for almost any of our fresh breads, toasts or croissants. After breakfast you are in good hands with the South End restaurant scene. Fabulous restaurants offer fine dining, gourmet foods & unexpected bites. With 50+ restaurants in the South End of Boston alone, you will find cuisine from all around the world. Check out these favorites for tasty Boston Italian, stylish South End sushi & the cutest restaurant in Boston.

No need to ring the bell at the front desk, because at Clarendon Square your hosts are experts at what you expect, and if there is something you need we are all ears. Our concierge services provide you with all the things to do in Boston. We love to hear that our guests enjoy  breakfast or thought that the property design was beautiful, but what really inspires us is knowing how well we take care of our guests. Good customer services is about being genuinely friendly and accessible without being suffocating. This delicate balance drives our standard for excellent customer service. You can expect many Boston business have a similar attitude when it comes to customer service. Find out more about Boston Bed and Breakfast B&B here

  Clarendon Square Inn - a B&B in Boston MA

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boston Bed and Breakfast says best things to do in Boston - Dining in new South End Restaurants

We have told you about some of the exciting restaurants popping up over the past few months, but it seems there are even more restaurants that to be brought into the culinary fold of exclusive eateries in the South End of Boston. So when you are planning a   vacation to Boston or travel in New England, you want to plan sufficient time to dine in some fanastic restaurants. An easy way to accomodate the foodie within you is to stay at Clarendon Square a boutique bed and breakfast in Boston. If you like boutique hotels in boston you will love the Clarendon Square Inn and its neighboring restaurants.

Noche is the newest member of the South End restaurants. Former home to Icarus named for a winged messenger. The name ressonates with long time South Enders, but for the laggards, Icarus means nothing. But thanks to a new venture you will see that the space has been transformed offering sleek style and fabulous food. The specialty at Noche is a late night menu serving til 2am. How un-Boston of you Noche!

We mentioned the Gallows before and guess what we will mention it again. Because this space filled a said void left by Sage restaurant in Boston. Gallows is the quientessetial gastro-pub of the South End and we happen to love its style and sophistication while being casually elegant.

At this point South End Stephi's on Tremont is not a new restaurant, but it deserves a mention here. Stephi's has anchored its place on Tremont Street to be on of the premier go to spots for a fabulous meal. The space is beautiful and is a great addition to the neighborhood.

Now what do all these places have in common. Proximity to a certain Boston bed and breakfast. If you are eating at a south end restaurant would you really want to stay at a Back Bay hotel? Staying at the Clarendon Square Bed and Breakfast will be a memorable way to spend your time in Boston. This Boston bed and breakfast offers all the luxuries you would expect at a larger hotel with the personal service and hospitality of a smaller boutique hotel or inn. For the ultimate in luxury check out the Clarendon Luxury Suite which has fabulous in room amenities like a soaking tub for two. Not available, No problem, the roof top hot tub jacuzzi is available all year round and has unique views of the Boston skyline. Reserve a room today at Clarendon Square Inn.

Clarendon Square Inn - a B&B in Boston MA

Thursday, July 1, 2010

boutique bed and breakfast in boston loves new restaurant gallows

Clarendon Square Boston bed and breakfast is in the heart of downtown Boston, with so many thigs to do in Boston such as walking the freedom trail, checking out the latest exhibits at the Museam of Fine Arts and the next thing on ones mind is usually some good food and relaxation.  Clarendon Square is located in Boston's South End which is home to a varity of restaurants .

One of these newest resturants being Gallows. Gallows may seem to be a strange name for a resturant that promotes itselts as a "neighborhood eatery" that emphasis america fare food.  But the Gallows name links the resturant to its hang/hanging spot on Washington street in the 1600s.  Gallows is the former home of  Sage restaurant an italian eatery that relocated from the North End to the South End in 2007.

Clarendon Square Boston's boutique b&b is a great place to come after dining at Gallows or any of the other South End resturants.  This time of year is great to enjoy the roof top jacuzzi as well as the outdoor patio. Whether its for a  boston romantic getaway or post dinner coffee and converstaion, the calm atmposhere at Clarendon Square is a nice change of pace after sight seeing in  downtown boston.   

Clarendon Square Inn - a B&B in Boston MA