Friday, March 26, 2010

Boston Boutique Hotel Welcomes a Top Chef Restaurant to the neighborhood.

Clarendon Square Bed and Breakfast has been in Boston for about 15 years and we have seen our share of top chefs. These days the South End in Boston is especially familiar with the likes of top chefs like Barbara Lynch & Ken Oringer, but it is the new addition at Rocca Kitchen and Bar that is at the top of its game. This week, Rocca welcomed season one, Top Chef finalist Tiffani Faison. We would be lying if we said we were not pulling for her to win, because Faison had the style & sophistication that really satisfied our tastes. Judging from her impressive showing on the Bravo hit, we are sure she will fit in beautifully at Rocca, which has much of its own success to bring to the table. Faison's CV is not bad either having headlined at notable Boston establishments like O Ya Craigie Street Bistro & Olives. So what do you get when you combine a Top Chef with a Top Boston restaurant, certainly something fabulous and mouth watering.

Just the other day a guest was asking do you have any restaurants by famous chefs in Boston, and as I began to respond she said, "you know, like Bobby Flay or Emril." I guess our definition of famous was different or at least what was associated with these chefs' fame. Obviously, the names, English, Lynch, Oringer  & Jean-Georges Vongerichten did not impress her quest for fame. Living in the South End of Boston we take for granted all of these Top Chefs & celebrity Chefs. many of which are housed in restaurants within the best boutique hotels in Boston. Clarendon Square B&B may not feature a restaurant, but why would this boutique hotel need to with all of these award winning chefs competing for our attention? And for someone who is use to competition, Faison has certainly won our attention. Some of her new additions are on the menu already with more arriving by the beginning of May

Boston's dining scene just keeps getting better, which is totally helping out tourism. Boston hotels are staying full bed and breakfasts in downtown Boston are overflowing. Why would you want to stay in a Back Bay hotel in Boston? Back Bay hotels lack the style & sophistication you need when traveling to an cultural enclave like Boston. Tip, keep it in the South End. Back Bay hotels are especially jealous of the style & personality at one Boston boutique hotel in the South End, Clarendon Square Inn. The South End is just as close to all the tourist attractions and has an awesome advantage, the close location to the best restaurants in Boston. Skip the Back Bay Hotel for Clarendon Square luxury suite. We saw last minute booking trends for many Boston bed and breakfast over the winter, but now just like the boutique hotels,Clarendon Square is requiring more advanced reservations, so plan accordingly. Travelers are hunger, not just for Top Chef quality food, but also stylish & centrally located boutique hotel suites in Boston.
Clarendon Square Inn - a B&B in Boston MA

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boston Bed & Breakfast says Luis Melendez is the exhibition of the year at the MFA

Luis Melendez is perhaps the most accomplished still life artist throughout history, and certainly the leader in 18th century Spain, which is saying a lot considering the caliber of artists generated in Spain. Fortunately for Bostonians, an impressive collection of Melendez' works are on exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts MFA in Boston. Borrowed from collections around the world, the Melendez' exhibit is here for 15 weeks total, departing on the 9th of May. Reaching its half way point, the exhibit has garnered much recognition already. The New York Times says, "[it's] a spelndid show." The Boston Globe announces that Melendez' work is "astonishingly beautiful." At Clarendon Square, Boston's Boutique Bed and Breakfast, we would have to agree. Once you see the show you will understand why they say Melendez managed to capture every species of food produced by the Spanish climate.

We are not surprised the show was a success. The MFA never lets any of our Boston tourists down. We know that many people staying at our hotel find the MFA to be a highlight of Boston. It certainly is for us. Surely the MFA is filled with travellers from all the best boutique hotels in Boston, but many Boston locals have annual memberships so you will definitely catch some local & international flair upon your visit.

Conveniently located near the Museum of Fine Arts, we are only a short walk or shorter T ride from the MFA. With the new construction at the MFA nearly complete you will find your visit to Boston's MFA uninterupted. If love the arts, consider your Boston hotel of choice to be Clarendon Square. Our hotel is located in downtown Boston in close proximity to the MFA and many other Boston attractions and tourist sites. We have been residents of Boston for many years & loving sharing our bed & breakfast and knowledge of Boston with guests. Our Boston b&b is much like a boutique hotel, all the service & personality you desire with the luxury, sophistication & of course privacy when you like it. Over the years we find that sharing stories about Boston & travel at breakfast time is what many people love about staying at bed and breakfast in Boston as oppose to staying in a big hotel in Boston. The service makes all the difference. Not to worry our rooms are pretty fabulous too. If you love the arts and inns of Boston, you will love Melendez & Clarendon Square Inn, Bed & Breakfast.

Clarendon Square Inn - a B&B in Boston MA

Friday, March 12, 2010

Restaurant of the Week from your favorite downtown Boston Hotel!

Whether you consider yourself a fixture in Boston's dining scene or are just a resident of the Boston area, chances are you have heard all the hype & rave about the hottest new restaurant in Boston Coppa. Tucked away on one of the darling side streets in the South End of Boston, Coppa is one of those little jewels you see in the movies that makes you think "wow I'd love a place like that in my neighborhood." Well wishes do come true, especially in the culinary capital of downtown Boston. We will go out on limb & say that this place has everything we love about Toro (the tasty small plates for sharing) & The Butcher Shop (where quality outweighs quanity any day, including the dining room size). Like the previous noteworthies, expect to wait & wait then wait some more. We have heard that wait times have exceeded two hours at times, so plan your evening accordingly as the restaurant does not accept reservations. Coppa may not take reservations but a noteable Boston hotel does, but we will get to that in a minute -- first food.

As far as the menus are concerned you will find a tour of the Italian penisula glass by glass (of wine that is) as well as regional favorites like handmade cavatelli, house salumi plates & crostini de fegato. The list goes on for these tasty plates starting at $5 each. Most of the food offerings are under $12, but with tapas style sharing that means you are not guaranteed an inexpensive experience. Though you will certainly find it worthwhile. If cocktails are your speed, then you will have to take it down a knotch here. The cocktail program features fabulous cordial, cello & liquer based concotions, which we love. Take our advice & take a break from the hard stuff. It is certainly not missed at Coppa where you will find yourself fond of the Aperol Spritzer (a favorite). Less intense then cousin Campari (by flavor & alcohol content), Aperol offers a slightly bitter taste that mixes perfectly with freshly squeezed orange juice & a splash of soda. Though we must credit Stella restaurant in Boston for featuring this lesser known liquer for years.

Now if you think you are going to make a night of it or enjoy a few pitchers of Aperol Spritzer then we suggest you drink responsibly, by reserving your evening at downtown hotel in Boston. Of course our pick is the Clarendon Square Bed & Breakfast the best hotel alternative in Boston. We love boutique hotels & you will find that this Boston bed & breakfast is in the perfect south end location to enjoy your night at Coppa. Only a few short blocks over separate these south end stand outs. If you like the intimate atmosphere of Coppa you will love Clarendon Square exuding all the charm of a bed & breakfast in Boston with the sophistication and style of a boutique hotel in downtown Boston. Each of our rooms are uniquely decorated & of course every room has access to our splendid rooftop, nestled six stories above the south end & beneath the sparkling Boston skyline. Fabulous food & stylish accomodation is the perfect combination for a perfect evening in Boston. And if you do not fill up at dinner no worries, we will take care of you at breakfast. We are a Boston B&B afterall.

Interested in Aperol for your home bar? Take a look at Clarendon Square's serving suggestion for Aperol

Aperol Spritz brought to you by Clarend Square a Boston Boutique Hotel
2 parts of Aperol (or Campari if you want something a little stronger)
1 part Prosecco (chill it first)
1 part Soda Water (chilled too)
Splash of freshly squeezed Orange Juice (yes fresh is important)
Serve tall on the rocks + Enjoy!

Clarendon Square Inn - a B&B in Boston MA